Health Coaching

Ready to get healthy once and for all, so you can live an energized and satisfying life?

Stephanie Leach, HC, CJT

As a Certified Health Coach and Certified Juice Therapist, I help busy people lose those stubborn pounds and reclaim their health and energy with the power of fresh juice and a plant-based lifestyle.

But I wasn’t always healthy. Like most people, I was eating like everyone else around me - and suffering the consequences.

When I began studying nutrition, I discovered something that blew my mind . . .

80% of Chronic Disease is Preventable

Most heart disease is preventable and reversable.

Most type 2 diabetes cases are reversable.

Many cancers are preventable.

It was the most maddening – and encouraging – news. Maddening because of the number of friends
and family suffering needlessly. (Why hadn’t I heard about this?)

And it was encouraging, because it shows just how much power we have over our own health.

The science supporting a whole food plant-based diet for optimal health is so well established that I could no longer ignore it.

I made the changes, step-by-step.

By adopting a nutrient-dense plant-based lifestyle that included fresh juices, I was able to achieve my goal weight in my late 40s with ease. I have energy to handle what life throws at me. I don’t have pain. And I am looking forward to many more disease-free years to come.

I now work with clients one-on-one to help them harness the power of nutrient dense juices and plant-based meals to get rid of painful inflammation, lose unwanted weight
forever, lower their cholesterol and blood pressure, and create all the energy they want for a full and satisfying life.

No more pain. No more dreading the doctor’s visit or the stairs. No more worrying about their health.

As their Health Coach, I help them craft the healthy, energized life they’ve always wanted.

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