About Us

Peak Press Juicery is committed to making and delivering delicious, high-quality, organic cold-pressed juices, cleanses, nut and seed mylks, whole food smoothies, acai bowls and smoothie bowls to Longmont and surrounding communities. 

Peak Press Juicery

We're located at 1515 Main St, Unit B, on the South side of the building facing 15th Ave, on the lower patio level below Blue Corn Tacos in Longmont, CO.

There is plenty of convenient parking in front of the building or along 15th Ave.

Our website shows live inventory. On Mondays we update this site with the juices that will be available that week. Our primary juice production days are Monday and Wednesday evenings. We make juice in small batches and add inventory each day as needed. Almond mylks are restocked on Thursdays.

Pre-order your juice to ensure we have your favorites. Message us or give us a call if you have questions about availability. We can often make an adjustment to make more of a juice recipe available for you.

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Who's Behind Peak Press Juicery?

Doyle and Stephanie Leach. 👫 They've been married 31 years and have lived in the Berthoud/Longmont area since 2007. When they’re not making or drinking fresh juice, they enjoy wheeling nearby trails in their Jeep, hiking, hanging out with friends or walking their dog, Sophie.

Stephanie is a certified juice therapist and certified health coach, applying her experience and knowledge to juice recipe development. She's the author of The Complete Juicing Recipe Book – 360 Easy Recipes for a Healthier Life, and helps individuals lower their cholesterol or blood pressure naturally, achieve and maintain a healthy weight, and live a life they love through the power of juicing and a delicious, sustainable plant-forward diet. To learn more about health coaching, visit StephanieLeach.com.

Juiced on Goodnature

Your juice is made on hardworking (and beautiful!) Goodnature X-1 and X-1 Mini commercial juicing machines. In this two-stage juicing process, produce is chopped with a grinder or food processor. The pulp is then dropped into a filter bag and pressed between two plates with thousands of pounds of force to extract the juice. This process yields nutrient-dense juice full of health promoting vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and enzymes with a longer shelf-life than other types of juicing machines. Most of all, the juice from this process is extra smooth and delicious!

  • Fruits & Veg!

    Researchers have concluded that we need to consume 10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day to get the maximum protection from heart disease, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, cancer and premature death. That's 1.75 pounds of produce a day!

  • Juice Makes it Easy

    We use over a pound of fresh, organic produce in every 12 ounce juice. Most of us won't sit down to eat stalk of celery (7-9 ribs), some kale, parsley and an apple, but when you juice those ingredients you get all of that nutrition into one tasty, drinkable beverage.

  • The Benefits!

    Fresh, raw juice is a powerful choice for health. Nutrient-dense juice can improve heart and cardiovascular health, protect the brain, resolve digestive complaints, aid weight loss, improve sleep, boost immunity and energy, and support detoxification.